Win Scarce James Rodríguez Zurda NFT — Whitelist Fast-Track & More NFT Details Disclosed

5 min readJun 1, 2022

Dear James Rodríguez fans and NFT collectors,

We are excited to announce that the long-awaited James Rodríguez NFT collection will be available soon!

James Rodríguez is one of the greatest Colombian attacking midfielders of all time. Having a magical left foot and being able to play anywhere behind the front line, Mr. Rodríguez is regarded as one of the most creative players in the game. His list of honors includes two Champions Leagues, two FIFA Club World Cups and a World Cup Golden Boot. He is also a sports influencer with nearly 50 million followers on Instagram.

Zurda is the first digital asset collection that packages key highlights from James Rodríguez’s illustrious career spanning three continents. There will be only 1500 pieces in this commemorative collection authorized by Mr. Rodríguez. These collectibles fall into four tiers: 1 Platinum, 10 Gold, 400 Silver, and 1,089 Bronze, with the highest tier corresponding with the highest rarity and the best gifts.

Instead of merely turning a digital photo into NFTs like some of the other projects do, Zurda NFTs are based on exquisite artwork digitally hand-painted by professional artists, allowing fans to relive exciting moments of James Rodríguez’s football career, including his appearance for Colombia at the 2014 World Cup in Uruguay, receiving the 2014–15 Liga BBVA Best Midfielder award and other memorable moments from his time with the Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Everton football clubs.

The Bronze and the Silver NFTs will be sold through mystery boxes, and the presale will start on June 15th, 2022 (postponed, see the note below). Fans who are on the whitelist can get access to the presale at a price of 0.12 ETH (20% off of the price of the public sale, which is priced at 0.15 ETH). You may either receive Silver or Bronze NFTs at the presale. The public sale starts after the presale, and the Gold and Platinum NFTs will be sold in the auction session of the public sale.

  • Note: Due to responses from the community and in order to facilitate more time for our community to get whitelisted, we have decided to postpone the presale of the James Rodriguez Zurda NFT collection. Our revised presale date will be announced soon. Join the Discord to keep yourself updated.
  • The team will continue to work hard on growing the community and letting the world know about the world-class NFTs celebrating James Rodriguez’s career. We are working on designing some new benefits/perks for early community members and whitelisters, so stay tuned!

By owning a Zurda NFT, you are not simply collecting a rare piece of digital art, but also getting access to real-world gifts like James Rodríguez autographed jerseys and photos, a blessing video recorded by James Rodríguez, and even a video call with James Rodríguez himself! Other unique benefits tied to all tiers of NFTs include whitelist spots for future NFTs issued on ZKSpace and bonus for the flowing stake-to-earn token rewards.

See the table below for rarities and benefits for 4 tiers:

Get your whitelist spot

If you want to avoid the hassle of public minting, make sure to get your whitelist spot through one of the various channels below. You will get a 20% discount on the mystery box and be able to reserve a minting spot for an NFT.

There are several ways of acquiring a whitelist spots to presale of James Rodríguez’s Zurda NFT Collection.

  1. Fast-track VIP Access:

Follow the step by step guidance by clicking the link. Make a deposit of the purchase fee of 0.12 ETH to your own ZKSpace L2 wallet and hold it before the presale. Please rest assured that ZKSea is a decentralized platform, so this deposit is transferred to your personal wallet and the platform has no right to misappropriate it, you can withdraw and transfer this deposit at any time. Fun fact: the Layer 2 wallet address is identical to your crypto wallet address, but you need to connect your crypto wallet to the website to be able to check your deposit amount on Layer 2.

Make sure to submit your L2 wallet address after deposit of 0.12 ETH (, and receive a whitelist spot directly.

Fast-track VIPs can secure whitelist spots in the most relaxing way. A deposit fee of 3–4U will be charged during the depositing process. Please make sure to have the 0.12 ETH in balance in your L2 wallet the whole time before the presale date, June 15th, 2022. We will take snapshots occasionally before the presale day, and if there is not enough balance in your account, your whitelist spot might be canceled.

2. Join Discord to socialize and participate in activities

Join ZKSpace Discord server, hang out with other James Rodríguez fans and earn ZURDA coins to acquire whitelist spots.

3. Twitter airdrop:

Occasionally we will set up campaigns, Twitter Space AMAs and airdrop whitelist spots to Twitter followers. Stay tuned to participate.

Participate in the Fast Track VIP Access and Join our Discord today to secure your whitelist spots! Act now and secure the opportunity of getting one of the limited edition digital assets. We hope you can realize your dream of having a phone call with James Rodríguez and getting signed memorabilia as well. Please keep track of our official announcements for updates.




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