Step by Step Guidance to Acquire James Rodríguez NFT Whitelist Spots

4 min readJun 1, 2022

Spanish: Guía Paso a Paso para adquirir Punto de Lista Blanca de James Rodríguez NFT

Chinese: 取得 James Rodríguez NFT 白名單的分步指導

Step ONE: Create Your Crypto Wallet (Jump directly to Step Three if you already have ETH in your wallet)

1. Start by adding a crypto wallet to your web browser.

A crypto wallet is an account where you store and use your cryptocurrencies. You will need a crypto wallet to purchase and store NFTs. MetaMask is one of the most popular wallets among other options.

To get MetaMask, open its official website with a supported browser and install the MetaMask extension. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge. You will need to install one of the browsers above to be able to install the MetaMask extension. If you don’t have one of the listed browsers, please choose one to download: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

2. Add MetaMask to Chrome.

3. Click Get Started.

4. If you already have a secret recovery phrase, import your wallet and go to the step Buy ETH and Deposit ETH; if you are completely new to MetaMask, go ahead and create a wallet.

5. Click I Agree to continue.

6. Create a password for your MetaMask wallet.

7. Watch security guidance and click Next.

8. Click to reveal secret words and store the secret recovery phrase in a safe place.

9. You have successfully set up a MetaMask crypto wallet! Click “All Done” to continue.

10. MetaMask Wallet Address.

11. Make sure your MetaMask extension is active by clicking the extension icon on the sidebar and clicking MetaMask to activate the tool.

12. You will know the wallet is activated when a wallet page pops up and click “Buy” to purchase ETH tokens.

STEP TWO: Buy ETH and Deposit ETH

1. Buy ETH through Banxa with fiat currencies on ZKSpace Web APP (recommend). Once you finish purchasing, your purchased ETH will be automatically deposited in your L2 Wallet. Please refer to the Banxa Tutorial for more details regarding the purchasing process.

♥ You can always consult us with any technical question in our Discord group. Open a support ticket to ask questions.

STEP THREE: Verify Your Whitelist Qualification

  1. After you complete the 0.12 ETH deposit to your Layer2 wallet, please go to the address collection page and submitt your MetaMask or any other supported crypto wallet address you used to made the deposit.
  2. Aside from the MetaMask wallet, the campaign also supports address of other cryptowallets WalletConnect, imToken, TokenPocket, MathWallet, TrustWallet.
  3. Please make sure to have the 0.12 ETH in balance in your L2 wallet the whole time before the presale date. We will take snapshots and review the deposit data on-chain occasionally before the presale day, and if there is not enough balance in your account, your whitelist spot might be canceled.
  4. Please rest assured that ZKSea is a decentralized platform, so this deposit is transferred to your personal wallet and the platform has no right to misappropriate it, you can withdraw and transfer this deposit at any time. Fun fact: the Layer 2 wallet address is identical to your crypto wallet address, but you need to connect your crypto wallet to the website to be able to check your deposit amount on Layer 2.




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